BIECO offers a comprehensive range of branded batteries; from Calcium Silver to Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Stocking all top-notch batteries; BIECO is the leading distributor of automotive, commercial, agricultural, industrial, golf, motorcycle, mobility, marine, emergency and standby batteries.

At BIECo We are proud to offer our customers years of experience and knowledge. The products we sell are designed on the world's most advanced manufacturing lines to the highest possible quality & standards to bring out the best performance. Our products meet European and world's top quality & manufacturing standards. We are the premier distributor and official stockist of world’s major battery brands such as VARTA, NUMAX, NOCO and more. With over 40 years of experience, BIECO has built an unparalleled acumen and achieve exponential success in the market. The company holds pragmatic knowledge and stands the ability to identify and deliver the best of batteries and battery chargers for all automotive running on Europe and Asia roads. With its extensive experience, pooled expertise and abundant success, BIECO mirrors the battery anatomy. The leading distributor of Lead Acid Batteries (Wet Flooded, AGM and Gel), BIECO holds long-proven track record and is renowned for delivering ultimate quality and performance in every battery & charger supplied.